Plague Inc Last Version

Meet the hero of Plague Inc. – or should we say antagonist? He is a man of multiple scientific talents who knows everything about human body, genetic mutations and viruses. He could have made a great doctor saving plenty of lives. The problem is that he isn’t very much thrilled with life at all. In fact, he wants to wipe the slate clean and turn our planet into a wasteland it once used to be. People suffering in pain, dying women and crying babies – all this won’t melt his cruel heart. He won’t stop until every last human being out there seizes to exist. An immense expanse of an empty world – this is a scene he can feast his eyes on.

To reach this dark goal, he has all kinds of medical equipment and biological knowledge at his disposal. Working in your lab full of sizzling bulbs and flickering monitors, you will be developing tricky bacteria bringing devastating symptoms upon the heads of your victims. Each virus comes with its own properties that you can evolve to your own scenario. But don’t except the rest of the world to just sit and do nothing about it. There will be panic, there will be countermeasures and there will be fierce resistance to your evil attempts. Your task is to make sure the scientific community remains in the dark about the approaching danger until it’s too late to cure everyone who’s been infected.

Before that happy moment you’ll be enjoying amazing electronic music shrouding you in an ominous atmosphere of an impending catastrophe occasionally adding some aggression or gaining a paranoid tint. From time to time, the beeping and hissing of your lab devices or fragments from a creepy children’s song will make this little personal hell of yours burn even brighter. Embrace the power of the dark side, enter the final battle of the mankind and see if you are smart enough to win it!

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