Plague Inc 2020

We live in a safe world where science has found ways to deal with almost any problem and even heavy illnesses are cured successfully right and left. We walk around pretty much sure nothing threatens our wellbeing and we’ll live a long and happy life. However, that can change overnight if the mankind is struck by some mysterious and mortal virus that popped out of nowhere and didn’t leave us a single chance to do something about it. Plague Inc. 2020 puts you in the shoes of mad genius whose goal is to wipe out every single man alive.

Starting the annihilation of homo sapiens is easy. There is a map in your lab where you have to pick any country – and in a second a zero patient will trigger the merciless mechanism. However, each state or region has its own unique parameters affecting the spreading of the bacteria. Climate, the presence of sea harbors and airports, the degree of urbanization and citizen wealth – all those factors should be taken into account deciding which aspects of the disease you should focus on.

The properties of the infection are divided into three categories: transmission, symptoms and skills. The first one defines the ways in which patients can be infected. It can be done by air, by water, through insects and animals and so on. Here you also have to consider various nuances. For instances, mosquitos are effective in areas with high temperatures, agrarian regions are perfect for cattle-transmitted viruses and poor countries will do for bacterias that travel through blood. Some transmitters, like birds, additionally increase the possibility of genetic mutations.

Symptoms are the main characteristics determining the way the microbes function. This is a huge space for deadly stunts you can pull over your target audience. Under your watchful control, cough, rush, photophobia, insomnia, anemia and other slight inconveniences will evolve into fever, pulmonary fibrosis, hemorrhage, necrosis and plenty of other scary medical terms that are then will be pointed out in a pathological expertise.

Finally, the skills of the murderous bacteria include adaption to climatic zones, drug resistance and some peculiar branches that are unique for each particular virus type. For instance, you can form herd instinct and regeneration in zombies, diffuse fungal spores over large territories, create your own biological weapon and use a good deal of other tricks that can help you erase the human race off the earth surface. Shall we begin?

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