Plague Inc 2

Humanity has been through a wide range of epidemics that have sent thousands of people into oblivion. However, it always managed to survive. Our immune system doesn’t stand still, it adapts to new dangers and comes up with its own ways to kill the virus. Plus now we have all those achievements in the sphere of medicine at our service. And even though there are some diseases that are hard or even impossible to cure nowadays, we can still keep them in check and prevent them from spreading further. Can you break this flawlessly functioning health protection system and invent a germ that will become the last drop in the history of human sufferings? Let’s find out playing Plague Inc 2 online!

The game starts from picking one of a dozen of viruses that can potentially become the end of the human race. They all have different patterns of spreading and manifestation. When the infected patients will start throwing up, their skin will fester and the organs will stop working – know that you’re on the right way. Your disease can also mutate on its own gaining new functions and abilities. Choose the properties you want to evolve in the virus and make sure they are suitable for the area you wish to select as a starting point for the doomsday. Which of the countries will go down first? Will it all begin as a scandal around negligent farms selling infected meat or as pseudo-influenza people will try to treat with pills and syrups only to realize they won’t get away with just a sore throat and a few days in bed this time?

It’s up to you to decide. You’re the person orchestrating this unfortunate play and pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Just make sure the scientists and the government aren’t on to you! Enjoy the devastation you cause and don’t even think of taking even a small coffee break until the terrible virus machine you’ve put into action is unstoppable!

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