Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc. is a great installation connected with Plague Inc., a real hit of the last decade. Both games immerse us in the gloomy and dark world. The war is not over and the humanity is still under the cloud of danger and death. In this title, you will try to find a balance between conflicting civil and war interests, gather like-minders, and keep the rebels away from the power they want to capture. Millions of people from all over the globe are already playing this amazing title, so why don’t you join them as well? Here you will try your skills in new and thrilling strategic challenge that is based on the slightest details and consequences of the battle between the government and the rebellious people.
Here you are going to experience a thrilling gameplay as well as amazing graphics and atmospheric soundtrack. All of these game elements work together perfectly and make a great impression on the players. Now you are welcome to try the fullest version on our site! Expect newish features and updates, including the multiplayer version and campaign format soon! We will surely provide you with all of this as soon as these updates appear! The game is free and available online. Have fun!

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