Plague Inc Evolved

We remember about global epidemics only in winter when everyone catches cold or when there is panic on the TV about some Ebola virus. However, many of us have no idea how many diseases we are actually carrying inside us right now. For most people, the danger is purely theoretical since all those infections are sleeping in our bodies and wake up only in rare cases. But what if one day the nature will activate them? How soon will scientists and medics be able to cope with them or will they kill us before the solution is found? Plague Inc.: Evolved explores exactly such an unfortunate turn of events.

This is a stunning misanthropic simulator where your goal is to put the whole population of earth into graves having infected it with a deadly virus. No half-measures – if there is even one survivor, you lose. The choice of treacherous microbes isn’t very large. There are only ten of them, but each has unique characteristics and a different combination of three key parameters. These parameters are infectionability, severeness and fatality. All bacterias start out as standard, universal types without obvious flaws. However, they are prone to boisterous uncontrollable mutations revealing their existence to the doctors and forcing them to take aggressive measures of fighting the virus.

For instance, the Neurax worm is the only infection allowing you to enslave the mankind and turn it into a mindless crowd blindly following your will. Necroa, on the other side, starts a zombie apocalypse with hordes of the walking dead and military resistance, but it’s easier to be uncovered by the medics on early stages. The nano virus, represented by evil microscopic robots, is the hardest to implement because the scientists are initially looking out for that particular threat. Your task is to obliterate humanity before the nerds are up to your plans. Finally, these is also Simian flu, which is a reference to ‘Planet of the Apes: Revolution’, a movie where the virus has almost killed the human race while putting the monkeys to the next stage of evolution.

As you can see, the possibilities of playing out your murky end of the world agenda are quite broad. It’s up to you to decide which particular virus to set into motion and how to control it in order to outsmart all the chemists and biologists out there and reach your grim objective. Come up with your own evil scenario and see the civilization sinking into demise playing Plague Inc.: Evolved online!

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