Rebel Inc Premium

This game is a masterpiece from the developers of a well-known Plague Inc. Here you will take part in truly global events being a head of an entire government. The role you are going to play as a ruler depends on your decision. You might be a peaceful person, who tries to make deals and fit other’s interests as well as your own. On the other hand, you can become a real conqueror, tough and aggressive, trying to capture the other lands and become the master. This game has a format of a strategy where you have to stabilize and control the political situation in your country, dealing with other governments, too. You will have different ways of influencing them and a great number of opportunities to try. For example, you can provide financial aid to the rebellious masses of people or stop them with a brutal force. This title is available for Android devices and the Premium version will amaze you with a great deal of features that are not available in the initial one.

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