Plague Inc Mobile

Welcome to a secret lab of Plague Inc. where you’ll be growing all kinds of viruses to end life as we know it! The game has several modes that allow you to enjoy the evil genius role in a number of exciting and enjoyable ways. Single player is basically a campaign mode where you control each disease step by step triumphing over uncovering another deadly genetic modifications. There are plenty of them to take advantage of: one increases the amount of DNA, another lowers the chance of mutations, the third accelerates spreading through water… The effects are countless and exploring your possibilities is just as exciting as contemplating the results of your work.

Besides, there are time-limited missions where you have to fulfill your ‘kill them all’ plan in the shortest time possible, plus official and user-made scenarios allowing you to try your hand at taming the bubonic plague or an ancient virus that has slept in the ice for thousands of years. The conditions of the gameplay can also be changed from standard to hardcore. See if you can bring around the end of the world when countries are closing their borders, scientists resort to mass organ transplantation and volcanic ash blocks the airlines. Just look into the editor and benefit from the broad set of tools to make it worth playing!

There is also an online mode that includes PvP and team play. In that case, there are two pathogens on the map at once. If you’re playing against another person, your goal is to beat your opponent to the punch in killing the whole population of earth. This confrontation may turn either way and have the least expected outcome because it’s hard to predict how the virus will behave under the constantly changing circumstances and in different environments. You may dominate for the entire match, but fall off the track in the last minute – for instance, because your over-evolved your disease and it kills the transmitters before they manage to infect the remaining few percents of the mankind. Or you can try and act as a team to ensure there is no salvation for the human race. There is plenty of work ahead, so don’t waste your time!

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