Plague Inc Unblocked

The end of the world is something we are all afraid of, but we don’t really believe that will happen, at least in our lifetime. Over the time of its existence, humanity have come up with all kinds of apocalypse scenarios. Will it be a giant meteorite that once killed the dinosaurs? Or an atomic war that will cover the earth in ashes and cause irreversible mutations? Plague Inc. Unblocked invites you to run your own global extinction drama by nursing a deadly infection in your creepy lab and spreading it all over the world.

That won’t be an easy job. Every virus improvement requires a certain number of DNA points and each useful quality you discover will increase the cost of the next. How do you earn these points then? Look at the map – you’ll see circles of different color popping up here and there. They appear when there are new victims infected or some of them dies or the disease spreads to another country. Click on them to accumulate funds, but make sure you spend them wisely because you never know how things will go this time.

Besides, the mankind doesn’t wish to give up without a fight. They install air-cleansing filters in airplanes, make breakthroughs in the study of oncology, send medical help to countries of the third world and cry wolves every time when there is an outburst of mass diarrhea or pneumonia. Once the pathogen is revealed, the best minds of our time activate the development of a vaccine, close the borders and block all transport connections. In a situation like that, conquering Greenland or the Caribbean Islands is practically impossible. And surely nobody will stay calm if there is a zombie invasion or monkey uprise on the news – the government immediately sends out military troops and robots to take care of the danger.

The more destructible genetic bombs you drop on humanity the more desperate it gets in its attempts to ensure its survival. While about a third of people never wash their hands on a medium threat level, a higher degree will result in fanatical hygiene. The doctors are working non-stop, running random medical tests and isolating the transmitters. It’s really going to take you a lot of effort before you can enjoy the last sigh of a living soul. Are you ready for this challenge?

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